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Project Overview

The City of Glendale has embarked upon an effort to rewrite its Zoning Ordinance (Code), which was last comprehensively updated and codified in 1993.  Since that time, portions of the Code have been amended to respond to the changing needs of the community and address specific impacts of development; however, these incremental changes have also left the Code with fractured and inconsistent regulations that often do not provide adequate guidance on how to properly administer certain permitting activities and/or development proposals that are occurring in the Glendale community.

Drawing upon the initial feedback received from City elected officials, staff, and stakeholders, the following overarching goals were developed to help guide the Code Rewrite process:

  • Make the Code compatible with the General Plan;

  • Make the Code more user-friendly;

  • Provide a Code that supports new development and businesses;

  • Ensure the Code protects existing development, especially residential neighborhoods;

  • Develop a Code that preserves and enhances the existing aesthetic and natural environment of the City

The Glendale General Plan – Envision 2040 sets the policy direction for future growth and development throughout the City.  The plan addresses seventeen state-mandated elements in six themed chapters: Growth and Development, Community Preservation and Revitalization, Economic Vitality, Connectivity, Public Facilities and Services, and Environmental Sustainability.  Each of these elements contains a broad spectrum of goals and policies that are used to steer development and municipal decision making toward the City’s desired vision of the future.  Equally important, each chapter provides appropriate details that help define the City’s vision and expectations for future development. 

It is understood that General Plans are routinely amended and are required to be re-adopted and ratified every ten years.  As such, it is acknowledged through these processes some (or many) of these current policy directions may change.  As this zoning rewrite process proceeds, it will be necessary to evaluate the degree in which the new Code implements these existing General Plan policy directions and how adaptable the new Code will be as new General Plan goals and policies evolve. 

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